PBS: Amazing Grace with Bill Moyers

PBS: Amazing Grace with Bill Moyers

PBS Amazing GraceA 90-minute documentary for PBS and theatrical release  exploring the story behind the famous hymn and featuring Bill Moyers, Jessye Norman, Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, and Marian Williams.

Production: 1990

This unique documentary presents adaptations of an enduring hymn, from country music to gospel to folk, in one of PBS’ highest-rated programs ever. Judy Collins sings in Columbia’s St. Paul’s Chapel, then recalls how “Amazing Grace” carried her past alcoholism. Jessye Norman sends “Amazing Grace” soaring across Manhattan Center footlights. Hear Johnny Cash, Jean Ritchie, and the Boys Choir of Harlem, all recorded on location across America.

Producer/Director: Elena Mannes
Editor: Donna Marino
Photography: Gary Steele, Greg Andracke, Dyanna Taylor
Executive Editors: Bill Moyers and Judith Davidson Moyers

Director’s Guild of America Award 1990 for Outstanding Directorial Achievement
Emmy, Outstanding Individual Achievement, Directing
Cine Golden Eagle Award 1990
Christopher Award
Alfred I. du-Pont-Columbia University Gold Baton (Moyers body of work)
AFI Film Festival 1990, Chicago, Boston, Leningrad Film Fests


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  1. grace

    This film changed my life as a young person. I have never forgotten it all these years later. Bill Moyars did an absolutely wonderful job of this. It is one of the leading memories of being a child that I have, the light that somehow crept into a dark and sad home and life while young. Thank you PBS for putting it on the air. i hope I can find a way to purchase it and watch it again.

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